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The Lipno Dam on the Vltava River is nicknamed the South Bohemian Sea and it is no wonder, because its area is a respectable 48.7 km2. It is not only the largest Czech dam, but also the largest body of water in the Czech Republic. At the widest point near…

Lipno Lake Trail

The Lipno area offers ideal conditions for in-line skating, and currently skaters can use the trail connecting Lipno nad Vltavou and Frymburk. The lake trail is 11 km long and leads through a beautiful landscape right around the lake. Not only due to its…

Orlík Reservoir

The Orlík waterworks is one of the dams on the Vltava River and can be proud of several of the best. Its 716 million cubic meters of water make it the largest-volume dam in the Czech Republic, it is also the deepest, reaching a maximum of 74 meters…