Výlety gardens / Parks / Relaxation Jihomoravský kraj

Brno Reservoir

Where do the inhabitants of Brno and its surroundings go to swim in the summer and where do they like to spend their free time? Definitely on the Brno dam, which provides ideal conditions for recreation and sports of all kinds.

Denis Gardens

You are in the center of Brno, you don't have much time to travel somewhere and yet you would like to sit somewhere quiet and green for a while? Head to Denisovy sady on the slope of Petrova hill, between Husová street and the old town center.…

Nové Mlýny reservoirs

The Nové Mlýny waterworks lies below the Pavlovské vrchy mountains in southern Moravia. It is a cascade of three dam reservoirs on the river Dyje, which were built here in the years 1975-1989 to protect the surroundings by floods. In…

Obora Holedná Brno

Can you imagine a piece of forest with wildlife in the middle of a big city between housing estates? Such a place is located in Brno. It is called the Holedná game reserve and covers an area of 327 ha between the districts of Kohoutovice, Bystrc…

Šobes Vineyards

South Moravia and Znojmo region in particular is a region of wine, it is generally known. But do you know where to find one of the oldest and also the best vineyards not only in the Czech Republic, but in the whole of Europe? Right in the heart of the…