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Chateau garden Kroměříž

When the words: gardens and Kroměříž are said, most people first think of the Flower Garden in Kroměříž. But the one in Kroměříž is not the only garden on the UNESCO list. Although this second garden is less well known, it is much…

Flower Garden in Kroměříž

When visiting Kroměříž, a beautiful historic town in the fertile Haná region, you must not forget to visit the Flower Garden. Together with the Archbishop's Castle and the Podzámecká Garden, it was inscribed on the UNESCO…

Luhačovice dam

The Pozlovice dam is a very popular destination for walks by spa guests and tourists, as it lies less than two kilometers from the spa colonnade of Luhačovice. It is often called the Luhačovice dam, but it is not entirely correct, because it falls into…