Výlety gardens / Parks / Relaxation Praha hl.m.

Hostivař reservoir

Hostivařská dam is one of the most popular weekend and recreational destinations in Prague. Dozens of people go here for a bike, picnic, swimming but just for a walk.

Kampa - an artificial island in the center of Prague

If you are in Prague, you must not forget Kampa, where many tourists leave not only their money in excellent restaurants, but also their hearts. In addition, if you like Povídky Malostranská by Vítězslav Neruda, myths and legends from…

Kunratice Forest Prague

Our capital city is intersected by a number of green places, parks and forests, which are ideal for a family trip with small children, a stroller or a dog. One such place is the Kunratice Forest, located in the southern part of Prague. Sometimes it is…

Petrin Gardens Prague

In the vicinity of Petřín there is Petřínské sady, which includes Petřínské skalky and Petřínská terrace. The orchards are connected to the Kinský Garden, Růžový sad, the Seminar Garden …

Stromovka (Royal Game Reserve)

The Royal Game Reserve, which is currently better known as Stromovka, is the largest garden in Prague. The whole complex is truly majestic and maintained in the English spirit. The tree is located to the south of the Imperial Island, from which it is…

Wallenstein Garden

Apart from the gardens of Prague Castle, you will not find a larger garden in our capital than the Wallenstein Garden. It is located near the Wallenstein Palace on an area of 14,000 m2 and its origins date back to before 1634, when it was founded by…