Výlety trails Moravskoslezský kraj

Educational trail through Hájecký footpaths

The educational trail through the Hájecký footpaths leads through the village of Háj in Silesia and passes through interesting places in the vicinity, of which we can mention in particular the Smolkov fortress overlooking the Padařov…

Educational trail with the Elf around Praděd

There are many hiking trails and paths around the highest mountain in Moravia, and today we will meet one of them, which is called With the Elf around Praděd, and which acquaints tourists with the history of this region, the local nature and Mount Praděd.

Lašská educational trail

If you are moving around the town of Kopřivnice or Štramberk and would like to get to know the local area, definitely go on the Lašská nature trail! It will take you to the most attractive places in Kopřivnice, Štramberk and…