Výlety trails to Prague and surroundings

Tips for trips on portal can be sorted by district, region or favorite area. In this category you choose from the menu Trails to Prague and surroundings. In addition to the description and photos, you will find the exact location of the place.

Educational trail Vinořský park - Satalice

One of Prague's nature trails connects Vinořský Park and Satalice, ie two city districts at the northeastern edge of the capital. The wine park, where the nature trail begins, was originally a natural landscape park adjacent to the wine castle.…

Milíčov Forest educational trail

Since 2011, the Milíčov Forest Nature Trail in Prague has been in operation, which is intended to cater especially to the younger generations, and which is conceived relatively untraditionally. Information about the natural attractions, history of…

Prokop valley

One of the most beautiful places in Prague is undoubtedly the Prokop Valley, which is therefore quite often sought after by visitors. Here you will find a number of natural attractions, quarries, rocks, lakes and also a nature trail, getting acquainted…