Výlety trails Klatovy

Educational trail of border guards

At first glance, the name of the nature trail can only be read that it is located near the borders of our republic, and that it will be linked to the history of its security. The nature trail of border guards can be found in the charming nature of &Scaron…

Klostermann's trail in Šumava

"The poet of Šumava" Karel Klostermann perhaps does not need to be introduced. He is inextricably linked with this region, so it is no wonder that the nature trail was named after him, that it was dedicated to him and his family and the…

Povydří nature trail

The romantic valley of the river Vydra, flowing through the Šumava National Park, is definitely famous for many of you by its charm. Its section with a boulder bed or the famous Čeňkova pila is famous - and it is here that the Povydří nature…