Výlety trails Central Bohemia

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Drvot's educational trail

Apart from the fact that Kačák hums like a Mississippi, as sung in a well-known tramp song, Drvot's nature trail leads part of his basin. It bears the name of the tragically deceased young ornithologist and conservationist Václav Drvota,…

Educational trail around Kutná Hora

In July 2010, a new nature trail was opened in the Vlašský dvor in Kutná Hora, the aim of which is to acquaint visitors with everything that is interesting around the city. In the immediate vicinity of Kutná Hora, there are…

Industrial trail - Koněv Kladno

If you are an admirer of technical monuments, you should not miss the Industrial trail in Kladno. SONP Kladno, or if you want Poldovka, was a factory that positively and negatively affected the western part of the Central Bohemian region. Before 1989, it…

Nature trail Kokotské rybníky

Since June 2010, the landscape of Kokotské rybníky has been connected by an educational trail, informing tourists about their history and natural attractions in the area. It is a two-way trail, the beginning and end of which is in Bu&scaron…

Nature trail oppidum Stradonice

In the Křivoklát region, on the right bank of the Berounka River, the village of Stradonice borders the town of Nižbor. The large hill above Stradonice used to be a Celtic fort or oppidum. Its birth dates back to about the 2nd century BC. It…