Výlety trails Northern Bohemia

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Babiččino údolí nature trail

The national natural monument Babiččino údolí is certainly known to each of you, at least in connection with the obligatory reading or film adaptation of Babička. Many of you visited this place as part of a school trip or just because this…

Educational trail Forest Wandering with Kamil Rohan

If you only know a little bit of the history and specifically the character of Kamil Rohan, you will surely suspect that he is inextricably linked with the Sychrov chateau. However, few of you probably know that the educational trail Forest Wandering with…

The Golden Trail of the Bohemian Paradise

The Golden Trail has been one of the most effective and popular hiking trails in the Bohemian Paradise for many decades. The total length of the trail is 119 kilometers (although, as for the source, it's a different figure) and leads from Jičín…