Výlety lookout towers Trutnov

Braunberg Vista Point

Head to the lookout tower on Hnědý vrch and treat yourself to a beautiful panoramic view of the entire Krkonoše Mountains!

Lookout tower on Černá Hora near Jánské lázně

We invite you to the foot of Montenegro, to visit the local lookout tower! You can take it by cable car and after climbing a few dozen stairs you will be rewarded with a magical view!

Rozhledna na Zlaté vyhlídce u Janských lázní

The "Golden Lookout Tower" will definitely impress you not only with its name. From the local lookout tower there is a magical view of the surrounding landscape. Take a trip and visit it too!

Žaltman lookout tower in Jestřábí mountains

Visit the highest peak of the Hawk Mountains! From the Žaltman lookout tower, you will have a wonderful panoramic view and, in addition, the path here offers a pleasant walk!

Žalý lookout tower in the Giant Mountains

Let yourself be seduced by the view of the mountain peaks from a height of almost seventeen meters and visit the Žalý lookout tower! Disappointment is definitely not waiting for you.