Výlety lookout towers Central Bohemia

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Děd u Berouna

Don't miss the view of the Křivoklát Highlands, an almost fairytale landscape, from the Děd u Berouna lookout tower! The brick lookout tower is located on the Děd hill, about 4 km northwest of Beroun. It is located at an altitude of 492 meters…

Drahoušek lookout tower near Osečany

Try your luck and visit the Drahoušek lookout tower, from which it is possible to see all the way to Milešovka or Ještěd!

Ládví-Vlková observation tower

Are you planning a trip around Prague, but you don't know the exact place yet? Try to go to the lookout tower near Kamenice! It is located just a few kilometers from Prague and offers a really pleasant trip!

lookout Bohdanka

Let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the lookout tower near Bohdanč and the view you will get from it!

Lookout on the rock

Have you always wanted to experience the feeling of having Šumava in the palm of your hand? The Na Skále lookout tower will allow you to have this experience! Take this opportunity and visit it too!

Lookout tower at Vysoká near Kutná Hora

Kutná Hora can offer you a huge number of cultural monuments and attractions. One of them is a lookout tower, located just a few kilometers from this picturesque city. Take advantage of this strategic location and visit the lookout tower on Vysok…

Lookout tower Kuníček near Petrovice

Who would miss such a magical view of the Šumava Mountains, which the Kuníček lookout tower near Petrovice will offer you? See for yourself!

Lookout tower Líský u Slaného

Make your day more pleasant and take a trip to the Líský u Slanného lookout tower! It will definitely not disappoint you and you will certainly be pleasantly surprised by the magical view and the romantic walk!

Lookout tower Městská hora

You must not miss a visit to the Beroun lookout tower in any case! On the one hand it will offer you a good location right in the city of Beroun and on the other hand you will be able to enjoy a magical view of the whole distant surroundings of Beroun,…

Lookout tower Neštětická hora

Let yourself be carried away by the beautiful view of the Czech land from Neštětická hora!

Lookout tower on Chlum near Pilsen

Try what it's like to have the whole of Šumava in the palm of your hand, visit the lookout tower on Chlum near Pilsen and see the world from a bird's eye view!

Lookout tower on Kožich near Řenče

Treat yourself to an interesting trip and a pleasant walk to the lookout tower on the Kožich hill near the village of Řenče! The reward for a hike to its top will be a magical view of the Šumava!

Lookout tower on Kožova hora near Kladno

Take advantage of the good location of this lookout tower, located just a stone's throw from the city of Kladno! From Kožova hora there is a beautiful view not only of the whole Křivoklát region, but also of the distant surroundings!

Mackova hora lookout tower near Nový Strašecí

Take a trip to Mackova hora and visit the local lookout tower! It will leave you with a good impression of the beautiful view and pleasant walks!

Merry Hill Lookout Tower

Would you like to enjoy the view of the Slapy Dam and its surroundings from a bird's eye view? The lookout tower on Veselý vrch near Mokrsko will give you a great opportunity to do so!

Na Pepři lookout tower

Take a trip to the lookout tower, located just outside Prague! The Pepper Lookout Tower is an excellent tip for a trip at any time of year!

Petrovice II Lookout Tower.

Get to know the lookout tower near Petrovice near Kutná Hora and let yourself be carried away by the magical view of the Czech landscape that you will get from it!

Schiller's lookout tower in Kryry

Treat yourself to a beautiful view of the Ore and Doupov Mountains from the top of Schiller's lookout tower in Kryry! It is a brick lookout tower from 1906, located on Kostelní vrch near the town of Kryry, about 40 km southwest of Louny.

Skalka lookout tower near Vyžlovka

Do not know where to go, would you like to go to nature, but not too far from Prague? The Skalka u Vyžlovky lookout tower is the right tip for your trip!

Sylván lookout tower in Pilsen

Take advantage of the strategic location of the Sylván lookout tower in the local part of the city of Pilsen, take a nice trip and try what it's like to have Pilsen in the palm of your hand!

Tobias Hill lookout tower

Combine your Central Bohemian journey with a trip to Tobiášův vrch! From the local lookout tower you will have a beautiful view of the near and far surroundings!

Velký Blaník lookout tower

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the mythical mountains and visit the lookout tower on Velký Blaník!