Výlety lookout towers Litoměřice

Kratochvíl lookout tower

Just a stone's throw from the center of Roudnice nad Labem you will find a very nice lookout tower from the period of the First Republic. It is located at an altitude of only 230 meters, so at first glance it may not seem very interesting, but if you…

Lookout tower in Varhošť near Litoměřice

You are in Litoměřice or its surroundings, you would like somewhere in nature, but you do not know exactly where? Combine a nice walk with a visit to the lookout tower in Varhošť!

Lookout tower on Hořidly near Chotiněves

A lookout tower in Hořidly near Chotiněves offers you a pleasant walk and a beautiful view! Head to this iron lookout tower, located about 10 km east of Litoměřice!

Radejčín lookout tower in Český Středohoří

Would you like to try what it's like to have the whole of České Středohoří in the palm of your hand? The Radejčín lookout tower will give you the opportunity to do so!