Výlety lookout towers to the Jizera Mountains

Tips for trips on portal can be sorted by district, region or favorite area. In this category you choose from the menu Lookout towers to the Jizera Mountains. In addition to the description and photos, you will find the exact location of the place.

Lookout tower on Královka

Enjoy the view of the Jizera Mountains or the Giant Mountains and take a pleasant trip to the lookout tower on Královka!

Lookout tower on Smrk in the Jizera Mountains

Do you like the construction of unusual structures and at the same time you are tempted to go somewhere in nature? Try the Smrk lookout tower in the Jizera Mountains and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Lookout tower on Tanvaldský Špičák

Visit one of the most famous lookout towers in the Czech Republic! You can combine a trip to Tanvaldský Špičák with a pleasant walk and the view from the top of the tower will definitely not disappoint you!

Slovanka lookout tower

Take a hike to the Slovanka hill and enjoy the view from the local lookout tower! You will definitely not be disappointed with the view!

Štěpánka Lookout tower

Let yourself be carried away by the magical view from the Štěpánka lookout tower near Příchovice! You can combine a trip to it with a pleasant walk at any time of year!