Výlety lookout towers Karlovarský kraj

Bismarck's lookout tower on Háj near Aš

Would you like to go somewhere on a trip, do you like history, but at the same time you are not attracted by castles or chateaux? An excellent tip for a trip is the Bismarck lookout tower on Háje near the town of Aš. Not only will you…

Bismarck's lookout tower on Zelená hora near Cheb

Why not try something unconventional and visit one of the lookout towers in the Karlovy Vary region? An excellent tip is the Biskarck lookout tower on Zelená hora near Cheb, whose qualities you can see for yourself!

Diana Observation Tower

From which place can you have the spa town of Karlovy Vary in the palm of your hand? From a nice stone lookout tower with a thatched roof, named Diana. It stands on the Height of Friendship on the west side of the city, at an altitude of 547 m above sea…

Goethe's lookout tower in Karlovy Vary

Let yourself be seduced by the beautiful view of the Ore Mountains or the Slavkov Forest and visit the Goethe Lookout Tower! It is located near Karlovy Vary, so you will definitely not have a problem finding it.

Hamelika in Mariánské Lázně

Did the region around the Marianske Lazne enchant you? Get to know it in a slightly untraditional way, from the viewpoint of the Hamelika lookout tower!

Krudum lookout tower near Horní Slavkov

Let yourself be enchanted by the view of the Ore Mountains and the surroundings of Sokolov from a height of almost thirty meters and visit the Krudum Lookout Tower!

Luby lookout tower

Do you long for a quiet walk, a trip to nature and a visit to an interesting object? Then the "U Strejců" lookout tower is the right tip for your trip!

Pajndl lookout tower on Tisovské vrch near Nejdek

Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful view from this historic lookout tower!

Panská lookout tower

Climb to a height of forty meters above the ground and enjoy the view you will get from the lookout tower on Panský vrch! By no means will you be disappointed with the view!

Plešivec lookout tower near Abertam

Head to the Plešivec hill and climb the stairs to the top of the local lookout tower! The reward will be a charming view of the Ore Mountains or the Slavkov Forest!