Výlety lookout towers Jihočeský kraj

Black Tower České Budějovice

The Black Tower is one of the popular tourist attractions in České Budějovice. It stands a short walk from Přemysl Otakar II Square, next to the Cathedral of St. St. Nicholas, and from its gallery you will get a nice view of the city center.

Boubín lookout tower

The Boubín lookout tower really has something to offer its visitors! You can combine a visit with a romantic walk and the view you will get directly from the tower will enchant you completely!

Cermak Hill Lookout Tower

Explore part of southern Bohemia also from a bird's eye view! The lookout tower on Čermák Hill will offer you a magical view of a large part of this area, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Czech Republic!

Jarník lookout tower

Would you like to take a trip somewhere outside the city, but not too far? The lookout tower on Jarník can be easily reached on foot directly from Písek! Make your day more pleasant and take a romantic walk too!

Kleť lookout tower

Are you walking through the countryside around Český Krumlov, a beautiful area of the Blanský Forest? Then be sure not to miss the view of it from a bird's eye view, which can be found from the lookout tower on the highest hill of the…

Klostermannova lookout tower

Let yourself be enchanted by the view of the Šumava peaks directly from a bird's eye view and visit the Klostermann lookout tower! You will definitely not be disappointed by a trip to it!

Libín lookout tower

Why get to know southern Bohemia in the classic way? Head to the Libín u Prachatice lookout tower and you will have the local region in the palm of your hand!

Lookout tower on Kraví hora in the Novohradské mountains

Do you want to go somewhere in nature, but you don't know exactly where? The lookout tower on Kraví hora is a great attraction for all lovers of lookout towers and romantic walks!

Treetop Trail Lipno

Explore South Bohemia in Lipno nad Vltavou! Just a short walk away you will find the Treetop Trail, which will pleasantly surprise you not only with its lookout tower!

Velký Kamýk lookout tower near Písek

You have already traveled a large part of the castles and chateaux of southern Bohemia, you would like to go somewhere in nature, but you have no idea where it should be? Head to Velký Kamík hill, located just outside the town of Pí…

Vysoký Kamýk lookout tower

Test the qualities of the Vysoký Kamýk lookout tower near České Budějovice and let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the magical view that you will get from the lookout tower!