Výlety lookout towers Northern Bohemia

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Albrecht's lookout tower Frýdlant

Combine a trip to nature with a visit to a historic building and visit the Frýdlantská výšina lookout tower! It will reward you with a magical view of part of the Jizera Mountains.

Děčínský Sněžník Lookout Tower

The lookout tower on Děčínský Sněžník is an excellent tip for a trip not only for lovers of history and nature, but for all those who just want to take a nice walk and see the world from a height!

Erben's lookout tower in Ústí nad Labem

Take advantage of the convenient location of the Erben Lookout Tower in the local part of Ústí nad Labem-Dobětice, take a trip and climb to the top! You will be rewarded with the feeling of Ústí nad Labem in the palm of your…

Heřmanice lookout tower

Experience what it's like to have the world in the palm of your hand and look at the Jizera Mountains from the viewpoint of the Hermanice lookout tower!

Hněvín lookout tower in Most

When visiting the city of Most, you must not forget to visit the Hněvín lookout tower, which is located about two kilometers outside the city. From its lookout tower you will have the city in the palm of your hand !

Hrádek u Varnsdorfu

Take a trip to Hrádek in Varnsdorf! You will combine a visit to a historic building with a pleasant walk and you will also have the city of Varnsdorf in the palm of your hand from the Hrádek tower!

Ještěd lookout tower

The Ještěd lookout tower is a lesser-known term for the dominant feature at the top of Ještěd. This is the most famous lookout tower of the Jizera Mountains, from where you can see half of Bohemia, a large part of Germany and Poland.

Kratochvíl lookout tower

Just a stone's throw from the center of Roudnice nad Labem you will find a very nice lookout tower from the period of the First Republic. It is located at an altitude of only 230 meters, so at first glance it may not seem very interesting, but if you…

Lookout tower in Tábor near Lomnice nad Popelkou

Why not make your day more pleasant with a nice walk and not reward yourself with a magical view of the Jizera Mountains for a hike to the lookout tower? Take a trip to Tábor near Lomnice nad Popelkou and you!

Lookout tower in Varhošť near Litoměřice

You are in Litoměřice or its surroundings, you would like somewhere in nature, but you do not know exactly where? Combine a nice walk with a visit to the lookout tower in Varhošť!

lookout Tower Kozákov

Head to Kozákov hill near Semily! A pleasant walk awaits you and a beautiful view of the Jizera Mountains from the local lookout tower! The iron lookout tower is located on the Kozákov hill at an altitude of 743 meters, approximately 10 km…

Lookout tower on Černá Studnice

Do you like historic buildings, but would you like to go somewhere in nature? An excellent tip for a trip is the lookout tower on Černá Studnice!

Lookout tower on Císařský kamen

Combine a walk in nature with a visit to a structurally interesting building and, in addition, a charming view of a part of the Czech land! Visit the lookout tower on Císařský kamen!

Lookout tower on Hořidly near Chotiněves

A lookout tower in Hořidly near Chotiněves offers you a pleasant walk and a beautiful view! Head to this iron lookout tower, located about 10 km east of Litoměřice!

Lookout tower on Ruprechtický Špičák

Visit the lookout tower on Ruprechtický Špičák and enjoy the magical view of the Broumov basin from a great height!

Lookout tower on the ski jump in Lomnice nad Popelkou

Have you always wanted to try what it's like to stand on top of a ski jump? The lookout tower in Lomnice nad Popelkou will give you an excellent opportunity to do so! You will be able to experience the feeling of skiers and at the same time enjoy a…

Lookout tower on Velký chlum near Děčín

Spice up your day with a walk on the Velký Chlum hill and visit the local lookout tower! It is located above Horní Chlum about 5 km south of Děčín.

Observation tower on Milešovka in Český Středohoří

Enjoy the unforgettable feeling when the city of Most and its surroundings stretch out in the palm of your hand in front of you and visit the lookout tower on Milešovka too!

Radejčín lookout tower in Český Středohoří

Would you like to try what it's like to have the whole of České Středohoří in the palm of your hand? The Radejčín lookout tower will give you the opportunity to do so!

Sokolí vrch lookout tower near Dobrná

Visit the lookout tower on Sokolí vrch just a few kilometers from Děčín and enjoy a beautiful view of the Bohemian Central Mountains!


The Větruše lookout tower boasts many advantages! Firstly, it is a strategic location right in Ústí nad Labem, then also the fact that it is a historic building from 1897 and last but not least, it is also a beautiful view of the city…

Žaltman lookout tower in Jestřábí mountains

Visit the highest peak of the Hawk Mountains! From the Žaltman lookout tower, you will have a wonderful panoramic view and, in addition, the path here offers a pleasant walk!