Výlety lookout towers Děčín

Děčínský Sněžník Lookout Tower

The lookout tower on Děčínský Sněžník is an excellent tip for a trip not only for lovers of history and nature, but for all those who just want to take a nice walk and see the world from a height!

Hrádek u Varnsdorfu

Take a trip to Hrádek in Varnsdorf! You will combine a visit to a historic building with a pleasant walk and you will also have the city of Varnsdorf in the palm of your hand from the Hrádek tower!

Lookout tower on Velký chlum near Děčín

Spice up your day with a walk on the Velký Chlum hill and visit the local lookout tower! It is located above Horní Chlum about 5 km south of Děčín.

Lookout tower on Vlčí hora near Krásná Lípa

Spice up your day with a trip to the basalt Vlčí hora in the Šluknov foothills! The reward for climbing 64 steps to the top of the local lookout tower will be a wonderful view of the surroundings!

Sokolí vrch lookout tower near Dobrná

Visit the lookout tower on Sokolí vrch just a few kilometers from Děčín and enjoy a beautiful view of the Bohemian Central Mountains!

Studenec lookout tower near Česká Kamenice

Visit the Studenec hill and enjoy the view of the beauty of the Czech landscape from the local lookout tower!