Výlety lookout towers Beskydy

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Hostýn Lookout tower

The town of Bystřice pod Hostýnem offers many cultural and natural attractions. One of them is the Hostýn lookout tower, located about 4 km southeast of the city. It is located at an altitude of 736 meters on the hill Hostýn, about 30…

Jurkovičova tower

Do you like open-air museums, historic buildings and the fairytale style of Dušan Jurkovič? Visit its lookout tower in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm!

Miloňová lookout tower near Velké Karlovice

Take advantage of the free access to the Miloňová lookout tower near Velké Karlovice and enjoy the view of the local landscape!

Panorama lookout tower in Kabátice near Chlebovice

The Panorama lookout tower speaks for itself just its name. Enjoy the view of the Beskydy Mountains from the lookout tower on Kabátice!

Štramberská Trúba

If you visit the Lašsko region or directly to the town of Štramberk, be sure not to miss the view from the Štramberská Trúba lookout tower. This high tower dominates not only the city, but the entire Lašská…

The Čertak lookout tower in the Beskydy Mountains

Visit the lookout tower on the Čartak hill and let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful circular view of the Beskydy Mountains! This concrete tower is lined with spruce wood and serves not only as a lookout tower, but also as a tower of a…

Vartovna lookout tower near Seninka

Do you like modern constructions and would you like to take a trip to nature? Then take advantage of the possibilities offered by the Vartovna u Seninky lookout tower!

Velký Javorník lookout tower

Directly on the very top of Velký Javorník (918 meters above sea level), a lookout tower was only recently opened. Its grand opening took place on August 15, 2013 and is thus the youngest lookout tower in the Beskydy Mountains. It can be…