Výlety lookout towers Brno-venkov

Acacia tower on Výhon near Židlochovice

Just a few kilometers outside Brno you will find a truly unconventional building. It has an acacia tower, which will fascinate you not only with its non-traditional look, but above all with its magical view of part of Brno and its distant surroundings. Go…

Alexander's lookout

We invite you to explore the surroundings of Blansko from a bird's eye view! You can then combine a trip to the Alexandrovka lookout tower with a romantic walk through the local forests!

Babí Lom lookout tower near Lelekovice

Try the lookout tower at Babí lom and enjoy the view of the local landscape from the perspective of this building!

Klucanina lookout tower near Tišnov

During your stay in Tišnov, also visit the local lookout tower and do not miss the magical view that you will get from it!

Lookout tower on Hlínský hill near Ivančice

Would you like to go on a trip somewhere outside Brno, but you have no idea where? Try the lookout tower on Hlín Hill and you will be pleasantly surprised!