Výlety lookout towers Břeclav

Hustopeče lookout tower

Go exploring Pálava and the corners of South Moravia in a slightly untraditional way and visit the Hustopeče lookout tower! Apart from it, you will also be able to see the local rarity, almond orchards!

Kolonada Reistna

How to honor the memory of your late father and brothers? If you are a relatively wealthy nobleman, you can, for example, build a lookout point similar to the Glorietta of Vienna's Schönbrunn. Such a monument stands on a hill about two kilometers…

Lookout tower in Nedánov near Boleradice

Get to know the magical area of Pálava in a slightly untraditional way and visit the lookout tower in Nedánov! You can combine a trip with a pleasant walk and the view itself will be at least enchanted!

Minaret in Lednice

Are you attracted by oriental buildings, but at the same time do not want to travel further than the borders of the South Moravian region? Then the Lednice minaret is the right place for you!

Slunečná lookout tower near Velké Pavlovice

Are you planning a trip to nature? Combine it with a visit to the Slunečná lookout tower near Velké Pavlovice! The view provided by the lookout tower will surely delight you and you will not be disappointed with a romantic walk!