Výlety lookout towers South Moravia

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Acacia tower on Výhon near Židlochovice

Just a few kilometers outside Brno you will find a truly unconventional building. It has an acacia tower, which will fascinate you not only with its non-traditional look, but above all with its magical view of part of Brno and its distant surroundings. Go…

Alexander's lookout

We invite you to explore the surroundings of Blansko from a bird's eye view! You can then combine a trip to the Alexandrovka lookout tower with a romantic walk through the local forests!

Babí Lom lookout tower near Lelekovice

Try the lookout tower at Babí lom and enjoy the view of the local landscape from the perspective of this building!

Babylon lookout tower near Kramolín

Are you in the vicinity of Třebíč and wondering where to go on a trip? Try the Babylon lookout tower! It is a stone building on Zelený kopec near Kramolín, approximately 30 km southeast of Třebíč.

Brdo lookout tower

Enjoy the view from the lookout tower on the highest point of the Chřiby Mountains! It is located approximately 20 km south of Kroměříž and was officially opened to tourists in 2004.

Hustopeče lookout tower

Go exploring Pálava and the corners of South Moravia in a slightly untraditional way and visit the Hustopeče lookout tower! Apart from it, you will also be able to see the local rarity, almond orchards!

Klucanina lookout tower near Tišnov

During your stay in Tišnov, also visit the local lookout tower and do not miss the magical view that you will get from it!

Kolonada Reistna

How to honor the memory of your late father and brothers? If you are a relatively wealthy nobleman, you can, for example, build a lookout point similar to the Glorietta of Vienna's Schönbrunn. Such a monument stands on a hill about two kilometers…

Lhotka lookout tower near Uherský Brod

Try what it's like to see the world from a great height and take advantage of the nice location of the Lhotka lookout tower near Uherský Brod!

Lookout tower in Nedánov near Boleradice

Get to know the magical area of Pálava in a slightly untraditional way and visit the lookout tower in Nedánov! You can combine a trip with a pleasant walk and the view itself will be at least enchanted!

Lookout tower near Ocmanice near Náměště nad Oslavou

Let yourself be seduced by the beautiful view of Náměšť nad Oslavou and its surroundings directly from the lookout tower at Ocmanice! This lookout tower stands on a gentle hill about half a kilometer south of Ocmanice and about 25 km east of…

Lookout tower on Hlínský hill near Ivančice

Would you like to go on a trip somewhere outside Brno, but you have no idea where? Try the lookout tower on Hlín Hill and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Lookout tower on Podluží near Nový Podvorov

Who wouldn't want to have the White Carpathians, Pálava and other corners of South Moravia in the palm of your hand? Try this feeling for yourself and visit the lookout tower on Podluží!

Lookout tower on Skalka near Bojkovice

Stop during your walk to the lookout tower on Skalka near Bojkovice and enjoy the magical view of the local landscape!

Lookout tower on Svatobor near Sušice

Are you attracted by lookout towers, do you like nature and at the same time are interested in history? Then the lookout tower on Svatobor will be the right tip for you!

Mařenka lookout tower near Štěměchy

Visit the unusually looking lookout tower Mařenka u Štěměch, enjoy the beautiful view and enjoy a pleasant walk! This lookout tower is located on the wooded peak of Mařenka about 3 km from the village Štěměchy and about 18 km southwest of…

Minaret in Lednice

Are you attracted by oriental buildings, but at the same time do not want to travel further than the borders of the South Moravian region? Then the Lednice minaret is the right place for you!

Podvrší lookout tower near Veselice

Get to know the modern construction of the lookout tower on Podvrší and enjoy a fairytale view from a height of 32 meters!

Rovnina lookout tower near Uherské Hradiště

Let yourself be seduced by the view of the Vizovice Hills from the Rovnina u Uherského Hradiště lookout tower and you will not regret it! This iron structure serves not only as a lookout tower, but also as a transmitter of a mobile operator.

Rumburak lookout tower near Bítov

Enjoy the view of the Vranov Dam from the lookout tower at the Rumburak guest house! You will definitely not be disappointed with the view and after a strenuous hike and a way down from that height, you will surely be grateful for a refreshing snack!

Slunečná lookout tower near Velké Pavlovice

Are you planning a trip to nature? Combine it with a visit to the Slunečná lookout tower near Velké Pavlovice! The view provided by the lookout tower will surely delight you and you will not be disappointed with a romantic walk!

The lookout tower of the Šrotík lighthouse

Visit a completely non-traditional lookout tower in the shape of a lighthouse! The reward will be not only an extraordinary experience, but also a truly magical view from the top of the tower!

Travičná lookout tower near Tvarožná Lhota

By listing all the points visible from the Travičná lookout tower, we definitely do not want to delay you. On the contrary, we offer you a visit to it and the opportunity to enjoy the view of the beauty of South Moravia directly from a bird's…

Velký Lopeník lookout tower

Experience the feeling of having the landscape around the Beskydy Mountains in the palm of your hand and head to the Velký Lopeník lookout tower! It is located on the border hill Velký Lopeník, about 5 km east of Březová…