Výlety lookout towers Plzeňský kraj

Black Tower in Klatovy

The Black Tower in Klatovy stands in the corner of the square. It was built more than three centuries after the founding of the town, which in the Middle Ages and early modern times became one of the richest in the entire Czech state. It was surrounded by…

Bolfánek lookout tower

A chapel once stood on the Žďár hill at an altitude of 587 meters. It was established in honor of the overnight stay of the Bishop of Regensburg Wolfgang, who was returning from Prague from the consecration of our Bishop Dětmar. It is said that a…

Březinka lookout tower near Bernartice

We invite you on a trip and a walk to the Březinka lookout tower, from where there is a beautiful view of its surroundings. A more challenging climb to the top will not go unrewarded!

Lookout on the rock

Have you always wanted to experience the feeling of having Šumava in the palm of your hand? The Na Skále lookout tower will allow you to have this experience! Take this opportunity and visit it too!

Lookout tower in Čerchov near Domažlice

The stone lookout tower is located on the Čerchov hill, approximately 20 km southwest of Domažlice. It stands at an altitude of 1041 meters and was first opened to the public in 1905.

lookout tower Korab

In the places of the current lookout towers, wooden buildings mostly stood. It was no different at the Koráb nad Kdyní lookout tower near Domažlice. It is located at an altitude of 773 meters and you can see from its now covered gallery a…

Lookout tower on Chlum near Chanovice

Are you looking for and would you like to visit a place from where you can see the whole panorama of Šumava? We invite you to such a place! It is a lookout tower on Chlum near Chanovice.

Lookout tower on Chlum near Pilsen

Try what it's like to have the whole of Šumava in the palm of your hand, visit the lookout tower on Chlum near Pilsen and see the world from a bird's eye view!

Lookout tower on Kožich near Řenče

Treat yourself to an interesting trip and a pleasant walk to the lookout tower on the Kožich hill near the village of Řenče! The reward for a hike to its top will be a magical view of the Šumava!

Lookout tower on Šibeniční vrch near Horšovské Týn

Are you currently in Horšovské Týn and are you looking for a place where you would best see it? Take advantage of the local lookout tower on Šibeniční vrch! You will definitely not be disappointed with the view from it!

Lookout tower on Svatobor near Sušice

Are you attracted by lookout towers, do you like nature and at the same time are interested in history? Then the lookout tower on Svatobor will be the right tip for you!

Lookout tower on the water tower in Heřmanov Hut

Do you like the area of the Bohemian Forest and Brdy? Take a look at them from the height of the lookout tower in Heřmanov Hut!

Milíře lookout tower near Rozvadov

Take advantage of the freely accessible lookout tower and try what it's like to see the ruins of Přimda Castle or the Bohemian Forest directly from a bird's eye view!

Poledník lookout tower

Make yourself happy and make your day more pleasant by visiting the lookout tower of non-traditional construction and admiring the view of the Šumava peaks!

Sylván lookout tower in Pilsen

Take advantage of the strategic location of the Sylván lookout tower in the local part of the city of Pilsen, take a nice trip and try what it's like to have Pilsen in the palm of your hand!