Výlety lookout towers Pardubický kraj

Andrlův chlum lookout tower near Ústí nad Orlicí

Take a trip to the forests near Ústí nad Orlicí, where you will also find this lookout tower! In good weather you may see the Giant Mountains, but even in less favorable weather with a lookout tower you will certainly not be…

Bára Lookout tower

You like lookout towers, but you haven't visited one that has been special for a long time! The Bára II lookout tower on Čertova Skalka will definitely not disappoint you! It will delight you with both an unconventional look and a magical view!

Kozlovský kopec lookout tower

Visit the lookout tower, located just a few kilometers behind Česká Třebová! You can combine a trip to it with a romantic walk around the area!

Křížová hora lookout tower

Get to know the region around Červená Voda from a bird's eye view and visit the lookout tower on Křížová hora!

Pastýřka lookout tower

Visit the picturesque lookout tower, arching over the town of Moravská Třebová and take advantage of its easy accessibility! You will definitely not be disappointed with the view you will get from it!

Suchý Vrch lookout tower

Jablonné nad Orlicí boasts a magical surroundings. Get to know it too thanks to the lookout tower on Suchý vrch!

Toulovcova lookout tower

The Toulovcova lookout tower lies on a hill called Jarošov and is located right next to the region of the Toulovcovy Maštale nature reserve, a rock area near Budislav. If you go here on a trip, you will definitely not make a mistake. A walk…